Get paid to upgrade your building

Partner with Common Networks to bring fast, affordable internet to your tenants. Get rewards for every unit that signs up.

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Upgrade to super fast internet

Offer your tenants affordable internet at blazing fast speeds. Your on-site office will receive a free subscription.

Get paid for every tenant sign up

You receive $200 when your building is installed, and $50 for every unit after that.

Local & personal customer support

Have questions or concerns? Talk to one of our friendly, local team members.

Worry-free installation

Our in-house technician team will professionally install our equipment and handle ongoing maintenance.

Program qualifications

You are the building owner or property manager of the building

Your building is at least 8 units (residential or commercial) or 40+ ft tall

Your building is inside Common Networks' serviceable area

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We have been a Common Networks Partner since 2016 and our experience working with them has exceeded our expectations!"

Joe Snell
Senior Property Manager
Gallagher & Lindsey

How it works

We provide

  1. Super fast internet to your building

  2. Rewards
    $200 when we install our equipment
    $50 for every unit that subscribes (up to 10)
    $70 for every unit after that (11+)

  3. Free internet subscription for your on-site office

  4. Marketing collateral, including flyers and promotional gifts (tote bags, water bottles, etc.) for units in your building

  5. Your building (and management company, if desired) listed as local partners on our website

  6. Common Networks insurance certificate issued to you prior to equipment installation

You provide

  1. Building rooftop space for our antenna mount

  2. Location in a common area for us to mount and power our small (15" x 20" x 8") equipment box

  3. Access to our equipment from 8 am - 6 pm (Sunday through Saturday) with at least 24 hour notice, per our Property Partner Program terms and conditions.


Join the program

What happens next


Sign up for the Common Networks Partner Program


Get approved within 3-5 business days


Give marketing swag to your tenants


Receive your rewards once your building is installed

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